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The Charles River Museum of Industry Innovation Adventures

A Babson College graduate, Roy MacDowell is a former president of The MacDowell Company and now serves as the principal of Baystone Development. Roy MacDowell is also a committed philanthropist and a former Charles River Museum of Industry (CRMI) trustee.

Each year, the CRMI runs multiple “Innovation Adventures” that offer children the opportunity to develop their creativity and share ideas. Available to children in grades four, five, and six, Innovation Adventures have a limit of 10 participants per session. Each session is overseen by CRMI trustee Rudy Ruggles, who is also the founder of the FutureFixers program, which encourages the creative skills of children in understanding how to fix broken objects.

During an Innovation Adventures event, children use their curiosity, creativity, and inventiveness to develop new ideas and bring them to life. Children work on specially created mysteries in addition to deconstructing and building a range of objects. Prospective participants can register for Innovation Adventures at the Waltham Recreation Department or online at

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