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Babson College Introduces Startup-Like Living Community

Roy MacDowell

Since 2009, Roy MacDowell has served as a principal with Baystone Development in Weston, Massachusetts. Formerly, Roy MacDowell served as a trustee of Babson College, where he studied as an undergraduate.

Recently, Babson College made waves with the introduction of a “full-stack” living community. In tech culture, the term “full-stack” refers to a person who is familiar with both front-end and back-end programming. The “full-stack” housing at Babson allows entrepreneurs, designers, and software developers to live in an intentional community that is similar to a startup environment or even a startup accelerator.
Students who wish to live in such a community can now collaborate with their neighbors in E-tower, CODE, and theStudio in Van Winkle Hall. This living environment embodies the call to Entrepreneurial Thought and Action at Babson.
So far, this living environment has attracted the most dedicated and motivated students, some of whom have already launched their own startup projects. This environment connects them to the people they need to overcome obstacles and develop high quality products.

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